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You may hear some news about office chair gas cylinder explosion. There is no doubt that all the explosions of the seat are caused by the gas cylinder. Why office chairs explode the reason is caused by bad quality gas cylinder, not by the qualified gas cylinder. So how do we judge whether the home office chairs we have used at home office are safe? I have three basic methods here to select the qualified office chairs or computer chairs, please keep in mind.

Below video would show you how scary when office chairs explode:

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Firstly, check the steel seal in order to confirm the qualification

Gas cylinder, it also name gas lift, gas spring.

Regularly manufacturers produce qualified gas cylinder which will be marked the trademark and qualification steel seal. If the gas cylinder does not have any qualification steel seal, then DO NOT buy the chairs. This kind of office chairs may explode any time.

office chair Gas cylinder gas spring brand
Examples of famous gas cylinder brand:

SAMHONGSA gas cylinder, the abbreviation on the cylinder is “SHS”, the edge of the cylinder is printed with “SAMHONGSA”, Established in 1970, SAMHONGSA CO.,LTD., SHS gas cylinder has passed the world’s eight certifications ( Such as BIMFA, LGA, TUV, SGS, etc.), even the steel tube is 3.5mm thickness, do not have to worry about the danger of “burst”. Some of the office chairs, such as Okamura chairs in Japan are using the SHS gas cylinder. Melike office chair use SAMHONGSA gas cylinder, this would make sure office chairs won’t exlplode.

KGS gas cylinder, the abbreviation for “KGS”, the full name “Korea Gas Spring”, is also a well-known Korean company, its gas cylinder of products has passed ISO9001, ANSI, BIFMA, DIN, UN and other certifications. Some of the computer chairs use KGS gas cylinder.

XieQiang gas cylinder: the cylinder is stamped with “XIE QIANG” letters, produced by Guangdong Yueqiang Gas Spring Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. It has passed ISO9001, BIFMA 5.1, TUV and other certifications. Finland Salli brand saddle chairs are using Xieqiang gas cylinder.

In addition to the trademark printed on the cylinder, the manufacturer of the gas cylinder also prints some certifications information, which also help us to identify the quality of the bar. These qualifications are domestic, international, and some developed countries certification, a wide variety.

For example, the ISO9001 international quality certification system, BIFMA  American Furniture Association certification, ANSI American National Standards Institute certification, TUV German component product safety certification mark, LGA German technical supervision unit certification, DIN is German industrial standards, EN European standards, SGS standard technical certification.

Secondly, listen to the sound to identify the material

The safety of the gas cylinder comes from the use of material superiority. The seating pressure of gas cylinder can reach a maximum of 2.43MPa, the power generated can break through at least 6 high density board, if the cylinder body using shoddy materials, naturally it can not bear such a large pressure and the risk of explosion. 

So how can we judge the material of the cylinder body? We use metal objects to knock the cylinder rod, the sound is crisp, is made of steel, it’s more safer. If the sound is muffled, that the cylinder is electroplated iron, the danger is relatively high.

office chair samhongsa gas spring
bad gas cylinder make office chair explode

Thirdly, smooth lifting and declining by feeling

Qualified gas cylinder is filled with inert gas inside – nitrogen, even if the explosion happened, will not catch fire and burn. So why the seat in the experiment picture will be burnt? 

The reason is the high cost of nitrogen, so some unscrupulous businessmen use compressed air instead of nitrogen to fill the gas cylinder. We know the compressed air contains oxygen, when the air and lubricants are mixed in a high-pressure environment. Once they mix together it will occur chemical reaction – explosion and combustion.

So how do we judge whether the gas cylinder is filled with air or nitrogen?

In fact, it is very simple to judge. Inert gas is not being able to burn, also has a good lubricating effect. So the gas cylinder filled with nitrogen is very smooth, non-stuck in the process of rising and falling. 

However, the compressed air is a mixture of gases, lubrication ability is poor, the gas cylinder filled with air in the process of rising and falling will have obvious fast or slow and jarring feeling.

Below video could tell you what is qualified gas cylinder:

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Do you want office chairs explode? Add more four methods to ensure safety

If you consider buying a computer chair or office chair from the Internet, or you are not sure the safety of chair at home or office, then I will provide you with four methods to ensure personal safety.

No.1: do NOT be greedy for cheap, firmly reject the lifting chair below USD100.

The cost of a good gas cylinder is relatively high, so the overall sales price of the lifting chair should be more than USD100, this make sure manufacturers and business men have a reasonable profit. If the chair of price is less than USD40, then it is very likely that gas cylinder is bad and dangerous. To buy this lifting chair is like holding a “random bomb” at home/office, extremely dangerous.

No.2: check out the brand, refuse to three “No” products

If you do not know anything about furniture selection, then the easiest way is to select the well-known furniture brands such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Okamura, Salli and other China furniture brands, Such as Melike, Onlead, Cright etc, the quality is guaranteed.

If you look at the chair is a No production date, No quality certificate, No manufacturer name of the “three no” products”, absolutely do NOT to buy, unless you want your office chairs explode under you butt.

No.3: select the explosion-proof lifting chairs

The possibility of office chairs explosion in extreme cases is still existing, even if the gas cylinder is manufactured by regular qualified supplier, but also in case of an explosion. 

To ensure personal safety, the most effective way is to add a whole explosion-proof steel plate between the cylinder and the seat, this would protect you in less harm when office chair explode, usually 3.5-4 mm thickness, used to resist the impact of an accidental explosion, the thicker the steel plate used, the safer chair we get.

So in the selection of chairs, be sure to select the brand chair installed explosion-proof steel plate and steel plate thickness meets the requirements.

office chair SGS certification
No.4: to replace the old chair, usually when lifting chair was longer than 5 years we should think about to buy a new one.

Mechanical parts have service life, with the passage of time, the parts of the gas cylinder will be aged. The rubber seal will decline, the metal will be fatigued to produce cracks, aging seats gradually make safety hazards. If your lifting chair is not hundreds dollars, high-grade office chairs, then we recommend that you generally replace more than 5 years. Although the probability of qualified lifting chairs is very low after 3 years. But, to replace he old and buy new one is still the most secure and safe method.

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